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"Everything sounds like pie"

           -Jessica Sucher

(Our family is known for our food fights)


In 1997 God began to move on our hearts and draw us toward the mission field, and after making 2 preliminary trips, we moved our family to Southeast Asia.  There we served the people of the Philippines for 6 1/2 years. We began our journey with 3 small kids and returned with the blessing of 5.  In our time there we started and oversaw more than 30 Bible schools and helped plant 7 churches.


Our heart to empower the national pastors continued even after God changed our course and brought us to where we have now served for the last 7 years, in the Dominican Republic. Our ministry has grown, our family has grown, and our children have grown. With our youngest son, Brandon studying at the University of Central Florida and our oldest son, Brent now married and living here on the southcoast of the DR, we now have an amazing Dominican daughter-in-law and our first grand-daughter! Now, in addition to our very busy ministry life, we are homeschooling our 3 girls, Janae 16, Julia 13, and Jessica 10 and raising God's newest blessing to our home, Mariflor. She is a 2 year-old Haitian baby that God is miraculously saving and healing more each day! Our days are very full, as you can imagine, but mostly full of JOY. God has been so good to us and allows us EVERY DAY to fulfill His call on our lives, to flow in the giftings He has placed in us, and to see lives literally transformed, first in us and then through us being His hands and feet to the world. We are blessed!

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